Drink local - wherever you are

12 Aug 2015

As food trends go, localness (is that a word?) is a big one. The desire to eliminate food miles and put cash back into the local community may not actually be that virtuous (and that’s a debate for another time and place), but one thing is clear: food-loving people like local stuff, and there’s no product quite so local - at least in terms of where it's made - than beer. The ingredients may come half-way round the globe but across the UK, many of us live within whistling distance of a brewery.


That’s particularly true in London. There are around 80 breweries in the capital now, from the pretty big effort down at Mortlake (where Budweiser is brewed) to tiny archway concerns like Partizan. It’s easy to drink local.


This week’s There’s A Beer For That Beer Club (Wednesday evening, 8pm, Twitter - don’t miss it!) will concern local beers - what to drink wherever you are in the UK - and will be hosted by me (Will Hawkes, author of Craft Beer London and organiser of London Beer City). Given its the week of London Beer City, it’d be great to hear from people who live in London about their favourite local beers - but I’m also looking forward to talking to people from all over the UK about the best breweries near them.


I’m hoping to learn a little bit myself. I know Yorkshire can boast Magic Rock and Timothy Taylor, but are there other great breweries I’ve overlooked? I drink plenty of Fyne, Brewdog and (when I can find it) Tempest, but what are the other great Scottish breweries? And why has Bristol become such a hub for good beer of late? I want to find out about all this from the people who know best - local drinkers.

So on Wednesday evening, at 8pm, use the hashtag #BeerClub whilst tweeting @BeerForThat if you want to big up your local favourite or you need a recommendation from your neck of the woods. See you there!