Featured event: Summer Wine at The Dean Swift

17 Mar 2015
Dean Swift - Exterior 1

The rise of London brewing is, all things considered, very good news - although it hasn’t all been good news. One downside is that a lot of our favourite breweries from outside the city are harder to find than they really should be.


One such brewery is Summer Wine, one of the most interesting Yorkshire operations to have emerged over the past decade. Luckily for fans of Summer Wine, they’re in town tomorrow (18 March) for ‘An Audience With … Summer Wine’ at the Dean Swift in Bermondsey. A variety of Summer Wine’s beers will be sampled alongside snacks prepared at the pub.

Head brewer James Farran and Andy Baker will be along to chat about the beers; it all kicks off at 6pm. Tickets are £10 and are available from the bar.