Featured event: The Alternative History of Beer

09 Mar 2015

Think you know all there is to know about beer? Well think again. Top beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones is here to demonstrate just how little you do know - or perhaps how much. Maybe you really do know the lot when it comes to the world’s favourite alcoholic drink. Unlikely, though.


‘The Alternative History of Beer’ will take a look at the unknown history of beer, as seen through the eyes of one of Britain’s more thoughtful beer writers. “I used to be in a band years ago,” he told Craft Beer London when we asked what exactly he was hoping to achieve. “No one came to see us to learn how to play the guitar, they came for a night out. The same applies to my event, even though it’s in the afternoon.


“It’s an afternoon out in Brewdog Camden, with me, Original Gravity, some loud music and five beers I’ve chosen to embark on an alternative history of beer, including Patagonia, Charles Manson, an identity crisis or two and Archimedes.”


As Tierney-Jones says, the event will take place at Brewdog Camden, at 3pm sharp on Sunday, 15 March, and it’s being put on in conjunction with beer magazine Original Gravity.


Tierney-Jones is the author of a number of beer-related books, including the recently published ‘Britain’s Beer Revolution’, written in conjunction with Roger Protz. He blogs at Called to the Bar.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite here, cost £18, and include five thirds. See you there.