Five best summer openings

07 Oct 2016

WHO remembers summer? Wasn’t it nice? Sunshine every day, nothing bad happening, just a general chilled-out happy vibe up and down this sceptered isle. You’ve probably got a warm feeling thinking about it.


Well, it’s over. Everything is over. What is coming next might not quite be endless winter, but there are days when it will certainly feel like it. But don’t stress out! Lots of nice places selling delicious beer opened in the summer and - this is the exciting bit - they’re still open. I’ve heard that you can head down to one of them, hand over some cash and get beer in return. How’s that for a life hack?


So, without further ado, here are our pick of the five best places that opened in London this summer. Drink up - after all, it’s dark, cold and extremely wet outside!


  1. Mason and Co

Pubs that serve good beer in London are ten-a-penny; bars that do likewise, less so, so Mason and Co is good news. The decor is Scandinavian in conception - if you've been to Mikkeller and Friends in Copenhagen or Torst in NY, you'll feel at home here - and there's on-site street food in the form of the excellent Capish?. There are 20 keg beers on offer but no cask.


  1. Salthouse Bottles

What used to be a French deli called Degustation is, as of summer 2016, a beer shop called Salthouse Bottles. A sign of the times? Perhaps, but it’s certainly good news for beer lovers. Expect to find the best of British beer in can, bottle and growler, plus a limited amount from elsewhere. There's also wine for people who still drink that stuff.


  1. The Prince, N22

The team behind Highgate's Duke have produced a bar with much character and good beer (and plenty more to come - watch this space). There are 10 keg and six cask beers, with plenty to interest the ticker. Expect Brew By Numbers, Hammerton, Burning Sky and Bohem, a local Czech-focused brewery whose Victoria is a bitter but extremely drinkable pale lager. Scotch eggs and sausage rolls are the only food - for now.


  1. Draft House Old Street

You know what Draft Houses are like. Neon, slogans, a vaguely industrial feel, hamburgers, lots of beer, occasional braying. The most important of those aspects is, of course, beer, and the latest Draft House - in Old Street, quite a groovy part of town - has it in spades. There are 19 beers on draught for goodness sake, plus loads of bottles. Also, DHOS is right next to The Fountain, making it 50 per cent of one of London’s best mini-crawls.


  1. Mercato Metropolitano

If you’re a metropolitan snob like Craft Beer London, you’ll know that it really takes the edge off a bar or a restaurant when you discover that it’s a chain and there’s one in Ashford or something*. Well, MM is a chain - but there’s only two and the other one is in TURIN! That, to our minds, makes it better. This is a market full of amazing food (We recommend the deep-fried octopus and the octopus soup - anything octopus basically) with a bar run by The Italian Job. Six British and six Italian beers are on tap. One question: why are Italians so good-looking? It’s odd, isn’t it?

*This is just a joke.