London's best craft beer neighbourhoods - Part 1

27 Mar 2015

Decent beer is easy to find in London. The recent conversion of numerous boozers to higher-quality suds means that, in much of the city, you’re never too far from a tasty glass of beer. If you’ve got our Craft Beer London app on your device (hint, hint), there’s no need to drink bad - or simply boring - beer any more.


But not every neighbourhood is equally blessed. Some places have one or two excellent beer-focused pubs whilst others have dozens. Here is the first instalment of a series dedicated to our favourite parts of London for drinking in, the only rule being that you should be able to complete a crawl without too much of a break between drinks. No-one likes getting thirsty. Let us know what you think on twitter @craftbeerlondon.



On most days of the week, Bermondsey isn’t that great for beer, to be honest. The Dean Swift is excellent, and there are other decent pubs - but it’s on Saturday that this place really shines. That’s when the neighbourhood’s breweries are open for business, selling beer to drink in or take away. The most popular is The Kernel (which closes at 2, so don’t leave it too late), but all are worth visiting. Don’t miss Fourpure, stuck out at the southern end of Bermondsey, close to Millwall’s New Den. It’s worth the effort.


Camden Town/Kentish Town

This, you may have noticed, is actually two districts, but if Camden Town Brewery can be based in Kentish Town, that’s good enough for us. This hugely energetic chunk of north London includes not only the city’s most upwardly mobile brewery but also excellent pubs such as The Southampton Arms, Tapping The Admiral, The Black Heart and Brewdog’s first London pub, the opening of which was attended by a tank. That’s the sort of crazy stuff that happens around here.



What comes to mind when you think of Clapham? A huge railway station? Certainly. Boat shoes? Yah. Good beer? Perhaps not so much, but there’s been a bit of a quiet revolution around here of late. This is a big area, and consequently  it’s perhaps no surprise that there are plenty of good places to get a drink. From the Draft House and Powder Keg Diplomacy to the recently-opened King & Co, there’s loads going on. The cherry on the cake is the Craft Beer Co’s Clapham stronghold, where Craft100 is held.


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