London's best craft beer neighbourhoods - Part 2

10 Apr 2015

And so we come to the final two in our round-up of the best beer neighbourhoods in the city. Last time we saluted Bermondsey, Camden and Clapham - this time we’re looking north and east for what are arguably the best two places to drink beer in London.


What do you think? Have we left out somewhere superb? Which is your favourite place to drink beer in the capital? Let us know on Twitter at @craftbeerlondon.



The concentration of cash and young-ish people in this part of town makes it perhaps (for want of a more elegant phrase) the most heavily craft-beer-pubbed in all of the city. These pubs are interesting, too: The Hop & Berry sells only London beer, The Earl of Essex makes its own beer, and the Three Johns has a remarkable ceiling. A really remarkable ceiling. And that’s just scratching the surface - it might actually be harder to find an Islington pub that doesn’t have something interesting on the bar.


Shoreditch/Bethnal Green

Inevitable, really, that Shoreditch should appear on this list, given its reputation as an incubator for stuff the rest of the country laughs at and then, a few years later, copies. Actually, good beer was popular in Sheffield and Derby long before they started sipping 8 per cent IPAs around here - but that doesn’t change the fact that it only really took hold amongst youngsters once it got big here. Head to the Well & Bucket, BrewDog’s Shoreditch bar and (up the road in Bethnal Green) The King’s Arms and Mother Kelly’s to see which hoppy pale ale (and haircut) will be hip in Hampshire in 12 months’ time.

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