Magic Rock launches UnHuman Cannonball in Islington tomorrow

15 Apr 2015

Would you queue for 12 hours, in the pissing rain, in order to taste a beer? No, me neither - but some people do. In the States, punters line up for hours to taste beers like Russian River’s Pliny The Younger and Bell’s Hopslam. While I’m sure these are excellent beers (these breweries’ other products are among the best in the US), they can’t be that good. Spending half a day queuing for anything is pretty barmy, in my  view.


We haven’t reached that stage in the UK yet (although it’s coming) but there is at least one annually-released beer, and it’s out this week. Magic Rock’s UnHuman Cannonball, an excellent 11 per cent triple IPA, has quickly become hugely popular among Britain’s younger beer lovers and fortunately, its release is a bit more civilised (although do expect a crowd). This year it takes place at Craft Beer Co in Islington, with the first sale coming at 7pm tomorrow night (16/4).


There’ll be Magic Rock Teku glasses and and tote bags for the first 20 people to buy a bottle. Even if you can’t get your hands on any UC, it’s worth seeking out Magic Rock beers. Founded in 2011, the Huddersfield brewery is one of the leading new-wave British breweries; they’re currently building a new brewery in the town which will boast a sizeable tap-room and a canning line, making their beer far easier to find all over the UK. That’s something to toast this Thursday.


And that’s not all; there’s a few other events over the next few days that are worth considering.  By The Horns is hosting a Spring Hopaganza at its Brewery Taproom on Saturday, the focus of which will be an “English Tea Bitter” called Old Smoke, which is made with smoked malt and Earl Grey. Sounds intriguing. There’ll also be music from The Bara Bara Band and food from What The Dickens! The event kicks off at 12pm.

Elsewhere, The Jolly Butchers and The Crown and Anchor (which are sister venues) are celebrating their fifth and third birthdays respectively on Monday. To celebrate, the JB will be hosting a German-themed night whilst down in Brixton an event that celebrates all things American will be in full swing. There’ll be live music and some special beer too.