The London Brewers' Market - 28 March

25 Mar 2015

One of the great things about small breweries is the fact that, unlike with larger operations, it is possible to speak to the brewer*. You may not like her/his product, but at least you can find out exactly why it tastes like it does. In a world dominated by improbably huge concerns, there’s much to be said for that sort of easy human contact.


And those wanting to chat to brewers are in luck this weekend. The London Brewers’ Market, one of the city’s most enjoyable beer events, returns this Saturday (28 March) for an Easter special, from 11am until 7pm, at Spitalfields.


Over 20 different London breweries, including organisers Five Points, Camden Town, Beavertown, Partizan and Redemption, will be in attendance. Not only can you ask genial brewers about dry-hopping, you can also drink and buy their beers - with some very good deals depending on how much you buy (in our experience). Alongside the beer market will be the Independent Label Market, which showcases the world’s best independent record labels.


More details on The London Brewers’ Market website.

*There’s yet another definition of craft beer: how easy is it to get in touch with the brewer?