Mason and Co


Pubs that serve good beer in London are ten-a-penny; bars that do likewise, less so. There are the Brewdog versions - modern, approachable but not exactly elegant - Mother Kelly's and not much else. There used to be Mason and Taylor, of course, but it closed in 2012 ... but now it's back, after a fashion. Mason and Co is owned by the same man, Five Points' Ed Mason, and managed by the same woman, Sienna O'Rourke. It has the same appeal in that it's nothing like a pub, but it is different in other significant ways. The decor is Scandinavian in conception - if you've been to Mikkeller and Friends in Copenhagen or Torst in NY, you'll feel at home here - and there's on-site street food in the form of the excellent Capish?. There are 20 keg beers on offer but no cask.