Lowlander, The

The Lowlander

A handsome room, a lengthy beer list, hearty Belgian grub ... The Lowlander is a pretty decent spot, all things considered. And busy, too, of an evening - but if you can find a free table, your focus should be on the bottled beers, despite a handy selection on tap (including De Koninck). Most of the beers you'd expect to find here, are here (Saison Dupont, Orval, etc) but there's some interesting extras, too - the likes of Hopus IPA and Troubadour Magma for the hopheads, and some non-Belgian beer, too, such as Red Hook Long Hammer IPA and Sharps' three Connoisseurs' Choice beers. On top of that, there are pamphlets containing beer tasting notes on each table and beer events take place on a regular basis.